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Semacon S-950 Currency Authenticator

S-950 by Semacon
List Price: $195.00
Our Price: $159.00
Savings: $36.00 (18%)


The Semacon model S-950 Compact Automatic Currency Authenticator features a simple Pass/Fail indicator and eject direction control in a durable compact spacesaving design. Feeding a bill into the machine is done quickly and easily, followed by an immediate indication of the authentication results. The S-950 utilizes Semacon's SmartCert leading edge technology including custom designed sensors to authenticate each banknote. The machine verifies the banknote paper density and size and checks both sides of the banknote for validity of the magnetic features, metameric infrared marks, ink properties and banknote infrared images.
Banknote authenticity is based on an integral analysis of all measurements taken, providing the highest counterfeit detection accuracy available in a compact point of sale machine.

What is the difference between the S-950 and S-960?

The S-950 is AC Operation only and the S-960 can use both AC and Battery Operation.